We Help You Put It All Together To Grow Your Business!


A TECHNOLOGY COACH is like a life/business coach only we assist you with more than just business growth. We help you with the integration of technology into every aspect of your business in such a way that your business will run more efficiently and profitably!  

How Do We Help Your Business Grow?

Business growth is imperative if you want your business to succeed!  If you are standing still, not moving forward then,  you are moving backwards.  The following items are tools we use to help you continue moving forward! Here’s to your success!


    • Analysis (Requirements Analysis)

      • The analysis phase is where we figure out, with your help:
        • Where your business is
        • Where you want it to be
        • Where you need to start
        • Where you need to go to succeed
        • What we need to do to help you Put It All Together!
        • How we need to break the pieces up to fit your budget while we help you grow your business and budget.


  • Develop a Plan of Action

      • This will be developed after we have learned all about your business
      •  We will come back and present your Plan of Action to integrate technology into your business


  • Design

    • After you have approved the plan we will begin work in all the areas you have decided to implement
    • We’ll bring the agreed upon design back for your approval


  • Implementation

    • You have ARRIVED!  Now things start to happen!
    • We install all required physical parts of your new system
    • Printers, computers, servers, tablets and more…..!
    • We develop and install the software we have custom designed for your business
    • Websites, databases, desktop and tablet apps


  • Testing

    • It’s time to be sure that everything works!
    • We will have fully tested all software before installation and then again after install
    • All hardware will be fully tested
    • Software and hardware will then be tested to be sure everything talks to everything else
    • We’re done!!! (kind of)
  • Training

    • Your System

      • We will train you and your staff to use your new system
      • Also online videos will be available for later viewing
    • Technology

      • We will offer online video subscriptions
      • Training will cover such areas as:
        • Small businesses using optimal technology in all areas of your business
        • Specific training on things like
          • security (physical and virtual)
          • how to install various kinds of software
          • installation/connection of devices (printers, tablets, phones, etc.)
  • Marketing

    • Our current marketing focus is Facebook because of the enormous potential (1.4 billion potential customers)
    • We will show you how to link you Biz Page to other social sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.
    • We will help you gain an understanding of SEO
    • How to register with other search engines




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